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Action learning Agriscapes

The case is designed to facilitate the short and the long-term survival and prosperity of young farmers by familiarizing them with sustainable and competitive farming techniques and practices.


Agroecology and sustainable farming systems

The involved stakeholder groups will foster the knowledge related to a systemic and a holistic view on agrifood and forestry systems as well as train the skills needed for a collaborative and actio


Community of Practice (CoP) for sustainable innovation in the agrifood systems

Students will work on a course project characterised by having strong ties with the local territory and responding to real needs, interacting with key stakeholders (researchers, farmers, policy mak


Flipped Classroom

Flipped learning is an alternative teaching model that helps students with the process of learning, in order to acquire a deeper knowledge of the syllabus and extra motiv


Food innovations from idea to market

A practice-oriented course in food innovation including all the steps necessary to bring a new product to the market


Food Skills

Web-platform for professionals, employers and training organisations from the food sector, interested in training activities, work-based learning and professional certification.


Nutraid - Nutritional analysis without lab tests

Nutraid database analysis software is a cost-effective platform for helping food manufacturers calculate recipe nutrition, and create  FDA, Canada or EU compliant food labels in minutes.


Play Local2Local

PlayLocal2locaL is a pervasive game that is played on a digital device, but that leads to actions and transactions in the real world.