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Welcome to the ASKFOOD Observatory!

The ASKFOOD Observatory is an innovative, multisectoral, and multidisciplinary community of practice made of individuals (teachers, researchers, students), entities, industry representatives, experts and professionals aimed at sharing and discussing education and training in the food sector to promote an innovative, resilient and sustainable food system at international level.

In this framework, the ASKFOOD Observatory will:

  • develop initiatives to discuss about and analyze scenarios, drivers and trends in food and food-related environments to identify new skills and competences of Higher Education graduates and their corresponding employability
  • identify new training and Higher education paths in the food sectors taking into account the new skills need
  • support academia-business collaborations in education and training by applying open innovation approaches and methodologies
  • promote multisectoral and multidisciplinary activities to support modern training
  • organize events and forums in collaboration with European and international policymakers and authorities to share and provide indications concerning future trends and their impact on training offer and demand.
  • prepare reports and papers to promote dissemination of the main outcomes of the Observatory.

The Observatory and its Community are governed and supported by a Management Board and a Scientific Committee made of experts and organization representatives.

All initiatives of the Observatory are available and open. If you are interested to join the Community, please fill in the registration form. 

In this website you’ll find news about the main activities of the Observatory as well as initiatives and information related to education and training in the food sector.

In addition, links to virtual tools and platforms of interest for the Community are made available.