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Virtual tools

You may use the following tools:

  • ASKFOOD SMART ATLASan Open Repository that capitalizes and re-uses a lot of materials that can be taken as an inspiration or as a self-training tool to increase Personal Knowledge, but it is also planned as a solution to increase Shared Knowledge and Knowledge Sharing in the Food Industry. It is built based on 8 different types of resources: 1) MOOC; 2) Training Centres; 3) EU Project Results; 4) Research Centres; 5) Acceleration Programmes; 6) Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing Platforms; 7) Startups; 8) Innovation Marketplace. See also the tutorial video.
  • ASKFOOD FORECAST AGGREGATOR: to read more about 8 identified power-breaking forces (Technology, Economics, Market habits, Policy and regulatory framework, Environment, Science, Transformative industry, Social dynamics) that will shape the competitive scenarios of skills and jobs in the food sector in the next years.
  • ASKFOOD INTERACTIVE TRAINING GAP IDENTIFIER: to use as a self-assessment tool to identify any existing gap and to support personal learning and career paths for present and future food professionals